DECEMBER 31st, 2021 - King MIdas

KING MIDAS has earned its reputation of being a great Rock n Roll band from Kansas. Performing throughout the Midwest at State Fairs, County Fairs and Venues. The band was organized in 1965, as a four-piece group, and was originally named King Midas & the Mufflers.  In 1966, the group became an eight-piece show band, performing in a six-state area, billed as the "King Of The Show Bands".  The group released two records in the late 1960’s, “Get Down With It” & “Mellow Moonlight”. A solid rhythm section, crisp-tight horns, and lead vocals that bring the days of James Brown, Wilson Picket, Buddy Holly, & Elvis, as well as Huey Lewis, Stevie Ray Vaughn and others!  That’s what KING MIDAS is all about.